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the front door to city hall

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The mission of Holly is to make the front door of city hall as open and inviting as possible. We produce a simple, accessible interface for 311 services that embeds operational improvements and analytics tools, generating savings as it generates customer satisfaction. 

Holly was founded by Brendan Hellweg and Cherie Chung, who bring experiences in local government, technology, and human centered design in order to create the most seamless and accessible method of issue reporting to every city's residents.

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Road Constuction


Our first product is a text-based chatbot that receives messages from residents and generates work orders for city agencies, eliminating the burden on agency staff and freeing up inboxes and phone lines. We route the right work order to the right agency and work with residents to ensure the right information makes it to city staff. 

Holly uses generative AI to communicate in any language, answer tough questions, and provide follow-up information as work is completed. We never spam or proactively connect with residents; we're just ready to help when they need a hand.



We Believe in Truly Top-Notch Public Services

Holly comes from our love of good public service delivery, and it shows in how we work with our city clients. Our top priority is ensuring residents receive the quality of service they deserve, and we offer constant and exceptional support to make sure the product makes city workers' lives easier, not more complicated. 

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